Babies are incredible little creatures. When they are born, they are so dependent on us adults. They learn from us, they need our love and comfort, they need our full attention. We are the ones who teach them how to walk, speak, interact with others, and so on. As they grow older, we teach them important life lessons; to respect others, how to be a good person and many many more.

But there is something truly amazing about the way babies experience the world around them. They are present in the moment they are in. There is no past and no future, just now. I believe that as much as we teach them, they can teach us a great deal about life as well. We were all babies once, but it seems as if we have forgotten how to enjoy our lives.

After watching my ten-month-old for a while, I realised there is a lot we can all learn from our babies. The energy babies have, the joy from the smallest things, the never give up attitude is something all adults could benefit from. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all return to our baby years and just enjoy the life again the way babies do?

So, what are the things babies can teach us?Babies As Our Teachers

To be fearless

Babies have no fear. I’m not talking about the kind of fear where they try to grab the pot of boiling water from your hob. If you watch babies learning new skills and discovering the world around them, you will see just how fearless they are. There are so many dangers out there that could harm them. Of course, we need to keep them safe and out of danger.

But, here’s the thing. Babies are incredibly courageous. They don’t fear the unknown, they are not afraid of rejection, they don’t fear the failure, and I could go on forever. These concerns are so common in the adult world, so why not remind ourselves from time to time that all these fears are just holding us back? Instead, let’s step outside of our comfort zone exactly as babies do. They embrace the life in full force, not holding anything back because they don’t know any different.

To never give up

Babies never ever give up. Have you ever seen a baby who hasn’t learned how to sit or walk? Me neither. Unless there is a medical reason for that. They will fall countless times when learning to walk, but they keep going until one day finally they can stand on their own feet, making their first steps without your support. Giving up is simply not an option, even when they fall time and time again. They fall, they get up, and they keep going until they reach their goal. With each fall they get a little better at it. Giving up is not an option.

Their determination and will power have no limits. What can we learn from this? Every time you feel like giving up, remind yourself that we all had this determination once when we were babies. We just need to rediscover it again.

To be always happy

Ok, there are times when the baby is hungry, wet, tired, bored or cries for no apparent reason sometimes, but other than that babies enjoy life to the full. Once their basic needs are met, they are all cheerful and smiley. They get excited over the smallest things. Give them a piece of crinkly paper or an empty plastic bottle, and it makes them happy. They really don’t need the latest toys for entertainment. Everything and everyone around them can make them happy.

They smile, they laugh, and they giggle because to them life is beautiful. They don’t know greed, envy or anger. Their heart is full of love and happiness, and it’s so infectious. When you see a baby smiling at you, you instantly feel like smiling too.

Seeing the good in everyone and appreciate what you have instead of what you don’t have is a way to live your life happily. Enjoy the little things in life; the sunshine, the smell of flowers, the fact that you have someone in your life to share the good and the bad days.

To be affectionate

Babies love cuddles, kisses and just being touched. I think we all do, but as we grow up, we get too busy, too tired to show our emotions and affection sometimes.

When babies hurt themselves, when they are upset, when they feel scared, a cuddle and a kiss will make it better in a split of a second.

Having a new baby will have an impact on your relationship too. Date nights get pushed to the side, even sharing a bed with your partner might get a red light, making space for the little invader. So, it’s important to find some time with your other half for some ‘our time’. Even if it’s only half an hour in the evening for a good chat.Babies As Our Teachers

To meet your basic needs

Babies know exactly what they want, and they let you know when they want it. When the baby is hungry, she is going to eat there and then. Otherwise, we all know what follows. There is just no way around it. You wouldn’t keep your baby hungry, so why treat yourself differently?

When your baby is bored, she will let you know, when she is tired, oh yeah, she will definitely let you know.

We all need to eat and sleep to function properly and have enough energy but how many times do we neglect these basic needs? Instead, why not start treating ourselves with the care we look after our babies. When they eat, make sure you get a bite of something too, when they sleep or nap, yes, there is housework and cooking and everything else to do, but do yourself a favour and find the time to switch off from time to time and relax. Go to bed early if you can, read a book, get a long bath, do whatever you want to do to feel good.

To learn every day

Every day is a new adventure for babies, they don’t know any different. They get up in the morning, and they are ready to go and experience the world. Their curiosity has no boundaries. They don’t waste their time sitting around doing nothing. They discover, they observe, they play, they do anything and everything, they try new things.

Every day is a fresh start. Life should be a continuous learning curve for all of us. Babies see magic in every day, why not us adults?


You see, there is a whole lot we have forgotten from our babyhood. We forgot that life is not as complicated as we make it. We forgot how to enjoy it, so let’s stop for a moment and think about how we can bring the joy and excitement back to our lives. Let babies be our greatest teachers.





  1. There definitely are a few things that we tend to forget over time and kids teach them to us. They are fearless and persistent at learning something.
    I guess, too much of knowledge makes us forget the simple things that make us who we are and help us deal with life. A really great post !

    • Zuzana Reply

      We tend to overthink and over-complicate out lives a lot. We can really learn a lot just by observing babies and their unique qualities.

  2. This is a very sweet post! If we could teach adults to go back to some of these basic ways of being, the world would be a kinder place.

    • Zuzana Reply

      Totally agree. Just to be happy in the present moment with what we have.

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