June 2017


Ever since we moved to our current address, well over a year ago, I’ve been a regular shopper at my nearest supermarket, Aldi. I was sceptical at first, and my initial impression of the store wasn’t great, to be honest. I was so used to shopping at my local Morrisons, which is about ten times bigger than Aldi. It just looked so cheap, basic, small and not appealing to me at all. Nothing visually attractive that would catch my eye.

Once we moved in, I gave Aldi a try, and I was pleasantly surprised with the products and its quality. And the prices, of course. Yes, the selection of food on offer is somewhat limited, compared to mainstream supermarkets, but you can easily do your general shopping there. What’s good about Aldi? I’ve come up with a summary of things I like at Aldi and things I like a little bit less.

My baby will have a different childhood than I had. Being a mum makes me think about how much has changed since I was a child. I think it’s fair to say that before the Internet and all the latest technologies came along, things were a lot simpler and carefree. I have some great memories growing up, playing hide and seek with friends, spending weekends outdoors, only coming home for lunch. It’s hard not to think about some aspects of my early years that my one-year-old will never get to experience. Childhood is different now in so many ways. Add to it the fact that I raise my family abroad and things get even more exciting for Little E. Yes, it will be different than my early years, but there is also a positive side to it. How exactly then will things change for my baby? Read on to find out. Terrorism…

So, the first year of our baby’s life is well and truly over. Mixed feelings of sadness, happiness, accomplishment and nostalgia flow through my head. It’s a bittersweet moment of realisation that the precious, yet hard and exhausting newborn stage is gone forever.

Deciding what to buy for your one-year-old to mark her first ever birthday can be tricky. Yes, choosing gifts for baby’s 1st birthday is tough. I’ve been thinking about the gift ideas for quite some time. Do you let yourself run wild and get every toy under the sun that’s right for her age? You can see the reasoning here; it’s her first birthday, you are allowed to spoil her a bit, right?

Or, do you select few special items to mark this occasion?

After much consideration, I’ve come to a conclusion that there is some truth to the good old saying ‘less is more’.

When I first arrived in the UK, there were was definitely many things I missed about my home country. Slovak food, especially my mum’s cooking, was only one of them.

Embarking on this new adventure meant that I had to adapt to a new cuisine. Even if you want to cook traditional food of your home country, it’s inevitable that sooner or later, you will have to taste a local cuisine.

When you live here, it’s not just British cuisine you will come into contact with. Over the past decades, immigrants from all over the world have settled here which means new tastes and dishes have also emerged with the arrival of various cultures. Plenty to sample, that’s for sure.

As our baby’s first birthday was fast approaching, we were deciding on the best way to mark this beautiful milestone. We agreed to plan a family day out. After all, our families aren’t around to celebrate with us, so it would be a pretty small birthday party. Considering that she is fascinated by animals like most babies are, we wanted to take her to a zoo or something similar. After looking into the options near our home, we decided to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We’ve not been there before, so we thought it was a great time to pay this place a visit. There is a huge free parking area, so I don’t think you would ever struggle to find a parking space. Having said that, the park wasn’t particularly busy when we visited last Friday, so I don’t really know how busy they get over the weekend or…

Living in a city or a countryside when you have a baby? Few decisions in life are as important as deciding on a place to live. Everyone will have to face this dilemma at least once in their lifetime. Whether you choose a city or a countryside, each option has its benefits as well drawbacks. While growing up, I used to live in a beautiful little mountain resort town, with a population of 1,000 people and a lot of greenery, forest and open spaces. Oh, and not to mention a variety of wildlife right outside our front door. I love my home town; I have only the best memories of my childhood there. However, since I came to the UK, I’ve always lived in cities, small or big, I’ve experienced life in both. And I have to say, I enjoy life in a city too. I love the convenience of having easy…

After a full year of calling myself a mama, there are some things I would like to share with new mums or mums to be. I don’t consider myself to be an expert in this motherhood journey, but I think I am in a position where I can offer a tip or two to those of you who are just starting this amazing adventure. Life is about to change in a way you won’t really understand until you are actually there, doing that all important mama job. So, let’s dive in and find out what this mama has got to say after a year full of joy, love but also struggles, tears and countless sleepless nights. You ARE a good mum The most important thing to remember is that you are doing a great job, no matter what comes your way. You are a good enough parent to your baby. You…