What’s the best season to have a baby? And is any season better than the other at all? Some parents don’t really mind which time of the year will their offspring be born, while others prefer specific month or months. Our little one was born in June, and from my experience, it’s the perfect time to have a baby. We certainly didn’t plan to have a summer baby, but it happened anyway.

So, let’s find out why having a baby in the summer is awesome.

Because British weather is your friend

It’s a fact that heatwave and pregnancy don’t match very well and the same goes for newborns and heatwaves. Luckily, we live in Britain, where heatwaves are a thing of a very rare occurrence. I can’t believe what I’ve just said but…

This is probably the only time when the British weather can play to your advantage. Yes,┬áthere were few days before my baby arrived when I found the weather a little bit uncomfortable, but it was always manageable. And towards the end of my pregnancy, I felt so heavy that I wasn’t able to walk for very long. As a result, I spent the last few days or weeks of my pregnancy mainly at home anyway.

As for my baby, most of the summer she was okay, even during the warmer periods. There were probably 2-3 days when she found the heat uncomfortable (not that she could tell us, we figured it out from her unsettled behaviour where everything we tried to calm her down just didn’t work). Fortunately, our two bedrooms were a bit cooler than the kitchen and living room, so we tried to keep her there as much as possible, and that seemed to help too.

If we lived in a more Mediterranean style climate, I think it would be a lot harder to have a baby in summer months, but in the UK, I think it’s a perfect time.

Less money spent on maternity and newborn clothes

In fact, I bought very little of any maternity clothes. All I got was few tops and some leggings. During the winter months, I could still wear my regular winter coat and tops, so I didn’t have to worry about thick maternity coats and jumpers. A simple vest or top and a cardigan were great most of the time towards the end of my pregnancy. Taking into account that you only wear maternity clothes for few months, I was glad I didn’t have to spend a fortune on them.

Shopping for a newborn can quickly add up too. Summer babies don’t need as much clothing as winter babies. No thick snowsuits,┬ájackets, or hats. We have managed with few cardigans and jumpers just fine in the first few months.

Plus, think about all the cute little dresses and rompers for newborns. Don’t they just look adorable on them? I loved dressing up my little one for the occasional warm and sunny days out.

Outside walks and days out with a newborn

Having A Baby In The SummerIn the first few weeks and months of your new adventure of mummyhood, life can be very lonely. So, it’s very beneficial if you can get out of the house as often as possible. I found it refreshing and energising. That’s how I was able to keep my sanity in those early days.

And if your baby is going through a fussy period and cries for hours in the afternoon or evening, it’s so easy to just put her in the pram and have a quick walk around the neighbourhood till she setlles down. I used to take my baby out sometimes in the late afternoons when I was at my wits end and it always worked wonders.

Days are longer in summer, more light, more sunshine, everything is working in your favour to avoid becoming too isolated and depressed, which isn’t unusual for new mums.

Even family days out seem more enjoyable when the sun shines and you don’t have to put layers upon layers of extra clothing.

Now, let’s just briefly mention some long-term benefits of having a summer baby.

Summer birthday parties

Wheey. Summer baby equals summer birthday parties. It’s just so much easier and nicer to organise an outdoor birthday party. There are so many more opportunities, you can use any open space, outdoor attractions or just your back garden if you’ve got one. The choice is yours.

I know, we still live in England, so I won’t get too excited about this. There is still quite a good chance that it’s going to rain in June.

But, the weather is definitely warmer in June than it is in December and with a bit of luck, we may even have some sunny birthday parties outdoors.

Presents not just in winter

In winter, we have Christmas to look forward to, what about the rest of the year? Having my baby in summer means, she can have the presents spread equally during the year, some on Christmas, some in the summer time on her birthday.

What do you think is the best season to have a baby? What’s your experience?


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