I love personalised presents. I like to look for something unique and different when buying Christmas presents for my family. Or any presents for that matter.

So with my best friend welcoming their new bundle of joy this year, I knew all along that I would give them something personalised.

Choosing the perfect gift for new parents is not an easy task. There are some traditional gifts such as baby clothing, toys, booties, blankets and towels. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, they can come in handy. Although I definitely wouldn’t go overboard with buying newborn size clothing.

Firstly, you just don’t know how big or small the baby is going to be. Secondly, the new parents are likely going to buy enough newborn clothing themselves. And last, they are probably going to get some from others anyway. Definitely not a WOW factor. So, if you want to get some clothes, get them at least from 3 months onwards. That’s just a quick tip.

Ok, enough of telling you what not to buy. Let’s move on to more exciting stuff. Here’s the thing. You can make even these ordinary presents extraordinary when you add a personalised touch to them.

I remember how excited I was when I received a personalised baby grows last year from my sister and her husband, who, would you believe it, recently opened a business with personalised gifts. I do appreciate, and like all the gifts (ok, most) that we received when we had our baby, however, anything personalised always feels extra special.

So, if you are looking for the perfect gift for a new baby, I can’t think of a better present than something made especially for her or him.

Here is why you should consider buying personalised gifts for a baby.

They are thoughtful and as the name suggests personal

Personalised gifts are made for a particular person and that person only. They don’t feel like any other gift picked up from a shelf among the thousands of other same items. They could not be more appropriate for this truly incredible occasion of welcoming another little human into this world.

Meeting the little person for the first time is a long-awaited moment, so you want to get something a little bit more special and thoughtful to celebrate the huge milestone in the lives of the new parents. Giving them something personalised with their baby’s name or date of birth on it or anything else that’s personal just to them shows that you have made an effort and gone the extra mile in finding or creating the perfect gift.

They are perfect keepsakes

Any new parents are likely to receive a gazillion of gifts from all their family members and friends. Many of these presents will come and go. As the baby grows older, there will be birthdays, Christmases and other occasions when more gifts will be added to the collection. New will come, old will be forgotten.

Personalised gifts have a much better chance of becoming beautiful and memorable keepsakes that will be enjoyed and cherished for many years to come. Maybe even kept forever. They do stand out from the crowd, and you can rest assured that the new parents won’t receive that same gift from anyone else.

It is possible to personalise literally anything these days. From practical gifts all the way to the most unique and entirely different. Personalised baby grows are always a hit, as are hooded towels. Or you can get something that can last a bit longer such photo albums, frames, teddies, keepsake boxes, money boxes and so on. There are very few limits in terms of products that can be personalised in today’s digital age.

The WOW factor

I love to watch the reaction when I give someone something personalised. There is always that little bit more excitement and enthusiasm about the gift. I think it’s because of the unexpected. I said it earlier but I’ll say it again. These gifts really stand out from the crowd. People appreciate the personal touch and something a little different.

I’ve given my friend some traditional gifts first, as the personalised weren’t ready when I went to see her. And guess which ones got the better reaction? Yes, that’s right, the personalised. I could see the joy and elation, as she was deciding which one of the baby grows I gave them will the little man wear first. I also got her a wooden picture frame with the baby’s name and date of birth and it got the same reaction, if not better.

Few last words

Although personalised gifts are a bit more expensive than your average presents, I personally don’t mind paying a little extra. I know that the end result will be something beautiful and memorable.

There are plenty of online shops in the UK with personalised items. I have used several of them and never had any issues with the service or the end product. But, if you happen to be from Slovakia, and are looking for the perfect gift for new parents, make sure you check out my brother-in-law’s website to get some inspiration for something truly special and unique.

What would your perfect gift for new parents be? Would you go for personalised or something totally different? Get in touch.



















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